Stuart Bailey
Contemporary re-imaginings of the work of Gustave Klutsis address political melancholy and retreat
After Gustav Klutsis           
Knulp Gallery
28/5 - 14/6 2021
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Digital prints and sculpture create idiosyncratic narratives that meld the near-utopian imagery of revolutionary Russia with contemporary political and subcultural signifiers. Klutsis’ kiosk, designed to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Revolution, is re-imagined as a neglected piece of public sculpture. It’s purpose has been forgotten, it is plagued by graffiti, and it plays right-wing talkback radio through its speaker. In a similar vein the artists agitprop posters have been re-designed in the subcultural style of Death Metal and Grindcore music. The original avant-garde design aimed at the masses now in the service of an impassioned yet entrenched esoteric subculture.